Native birds of New Zealand Fact File Activity Sheet

New Zealand Native Birds Fact File Activity Sheet

Ski Fields Fact Cards

These New Zealand Ski Fields fact cards are a great way to share all the important facts and statistics with your children.

Senior Pet Diary for Pet Day Booklet

Students complete a booklet to present as part of judging at Pet Day.

New Zealand Bird Word Mat

A colourful word mat featuring a range of New Zealand birds.

New Zealand Bird Display Posters

A colourful set of display posters, featuring New Zealand bird themed images. Fantastic as part of your animal display, you could also laminate for use in carpet time discussion.

NZ extinct birds posters

This resource has a range of display photos of New Zealand extinct birds. It can be used to support your teaching on the topic or to glam up your display area.

Rhys Darby Fact File

This fact file is a great way to teach your children about Rhys Darby, one of New Zealand's great comedians.

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