Haka Words

The words of this haka are better known than most. Used by the All Blacks and other NZ sports teams for many years. @ Click Image For Many All Blacks Items from NonBoringGifts.

Waka (canoe), New Zealand

Waka brought divine gifts to the Maori First Nation. For this reason the waka inspire kotahitanga (unity) even today. My mind wonders that if Hawaii, Rapanui and Aotearoa were all reached by Waka what would have prevented them from reaching the Americas?


kiwi recipe for our national dessert, pavlova Más

Goodnight Kiwi, New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation

Goodnight kiwi, drawn by Uncle Lin!

Kiwiana; vanilla milkshake lollies

vanilla milkshake lollies second fav lols hmm yes!


more kiwiana icons

Jandal wall art - classic kiwiana

Foot Loose Jandals by Jason Kelly for Sale - New Zealand Art Prints


Sunday Drive - Kiwiana Art Print for sale at NZ Fine Prints

The Beehive, Parliament, Wellington, New Zealand

Bowen House Beehive Parliament Wellington, North Island New Zealand


Carving from the old NZ 10 cents

kiwiana  lucy

Kiwiana by my clever girl Lucy.


The New Zealand Tui (Prosthemadera novaeseelandiae).

Kiwiana Art. New Zealand

New Zealand

classic Kiwi dairy

Kia Ora Dairy - Featherston, Wairarapa, New Zealand.

Kiwiana Art. New Zealand

New Zealand Showcase: Auckland Art by Rowan Forbes

Kiwiana Food

:) If I ate all the food I have been pinning of late I wouldn't be able to move from my computer ;