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Antique Portable Clothes Hanger, Collapsible Garment Hanger with Case, WWI Era Travel Gadget

Antique Portable Clothes Hanger Collapsible Garment Hanger | Etsy

Very cool antique portable clothes hanger, likely dating to the 1910s. This World War I era garment hanger collapses into a tiny metal casing that fits inside the black leather case. Once you remove the gadget from the leather case, you fold out the interior section from the casing and out pops two telescoping metal rods (at first, I thought this was some kind of radio antenna!). You can then suspend the hanger from a hook using the original metal casing. Very neat! CONDITION: GOOD…

Set of 5 Vintage Brass Trivets, Chinese Symbols, Snowflake, Wall Hangings, Made in Hong Kong

Set of 5 Vintage Brass Trivets Chinese Symbols Snowflake | Etsy

Nice set of 5 vintage brass trivets, four of which depict various Chinese symbols and the last one is a snowflake shape. I believe the Chinese symbols are for good fortune, prosperity, longevity, and the like. The three matching trivets also have a metal loop on one side so you can hang them; the other two do not. CONDITION: GOOD (Poor-->Fair-->Good-->Very Good-->Excellent-->Mint): All 5 trivets have a definite patina, with discoloration and tarnish present to varying degrees. MARKINGS…

Vintage Alaska Souvenir Trinket Dish or Ashtray, Coppery Finish, circa 1960s-1970s

Vintage Alaska Souvenir Trinket Dish or Ashtray Coppery | Etsy

Nicely detailed vintage Alaska souvenir trinket dish or ashtray, likely dating to the 1960s-1970s era. Made in Japan, this Alaska "49th State" dish features a coppery finish and depicts various Alaskan scenes including Denali (named Mt. McKinley on the dish) and the Alaskan flag. It's got a bit of color loss on the interior, making me think its primary function may have been as an ashtray back in the day. Still a nice little Alaskan souvenir piece! CONDITION: VERY GOOD…

Artina Pewter Trinket Dish, Wine Harvest Scene, Wine Bottle Coaster

Artina Pewter Trinket Dish Wine Harvest Scene Wine Bottle | Etsy

Pretty little pewter trinket dish made by Artina of Austria. This 4.25" dish has a very intricate scene of people harvesting grapes to make wine. Given the subject matter, this dish would make an ideal wine bottle coaster! Or use it to hold rings or coins on your dresser. Either way, it is quite a handsome piece. CONDITION: VERY GOOD (Poor-->Fair-->Good-->Very Good-->Excellent-->Mint): There are a couple black specks or smudges that did not come off with a gentle cleaning.. Otherwise in…

Antique Sad Iron, Colebrookdale Iron Co Flat Iron, early 20th Century

Antique Sad Iron Colebrookdale Iron Co Flat Iron early 20th | Etsy

Very old antique sad iron made by Colebrookdale Iron Co, likely in the early 20th century. Colebrookdale was located in Pottstown, PA, and had quite a long history. Formed in the early 1700s, it was thought to be the oldest iron works in continuous operation in the United States at the time of its sale in 1953. This particular flat iron does not have a handle; the handles on this style of iron were detachable so you could swap out your cold iron for one that was hot and ready to go. At just…

Vintage Child's Shoe Last, Metal Cobbler's Mold, circa early 20th century

Vintage Child's Shoe Last, Metal Cobbler's Mold, circa early 20th century

Nifty vintage child's shoe last, likely dating to the early 20th century. This heavy metal cobbler's mold was most likely used for repairing, rather than making, shoes, as it is relatively straight and does not differentiate between the right and left foot. It doesn't have a size marking, but it's about 5.75" long, so it was probably used for toddler's shoes. There is a socket at the heel, which the cobbler would use to place on a rod attached to an anvil or a stand; the cobbler could then…

Vintage Incense Burner, Vantine's #574/2, Cast Iron Cone Incense Burner, circa 1920s

Vintage Incense Burner Vantine's 574/2 Cast Iron Cone | Etsy

Wonderful vintage incense burner from Vantine's, a Japanese crafts and "Oriental goods" retail store in New York City that operated until 1921. This small piece is marked 574/2 and was meant to burn cone style incense. Sitting on three little legs, it was originally a golden color, although much of the gold tone has rubbed away, showing the cast iron underneath. CONDITION: FAIR/GOOD (Poor-->Fair-->Good-->Very Good-->Excellent-->Mint): As noted, much of the gold coloring has worn off. It…

Vintage Stacking Teapot, Pewter By Rice, 1 Cup Capacity, circa 1930s-1950s

Vintage Stacking Teapot Pewter By Rice 1 Cup Capacity circa | Etsy

Delightful vintage stacking teapot made by Pewter by Rice, likely in the first half of the 20th century. Pewter by Rice was a brand name used by Bernard Rice's Sons, a company that enjoyed a heyday of silver plated items between the early 1900s to about the 1950s. This sweet pewter teapot only has a 1 cup capacity, but the adorable creamer and cup that stack on top makes up for the pot's diminutive size. CONDITION:GOOD (Poor-->Fair-->Good-->Very Good-->Excellent-->Mint): No significant…

Vintage Magicolor Paint Coin Bank, Advertising Collectible, circa 1950s-1960s

Vintage Magicolor Paint Coin Bank Advertising Collectible | Etsy

Vintage Magicolor Paint Coin Bank, Advertising Collectible, circa 1950s-1960s

Antique Scale,  Landers Improved Balance No 2, 50 lbs Hanging Scale, circa 1900s-1920s

Antique Scale Landers Improved Balance No 2 50 lbs Hanging

Wonderful antique hanging scale, the Landers Improved Balance No 2, likely dating to the first quarter of the 20th century. This 50 pound spring balance scale has a thick hook at the end; I've heard that fisherman used scales like this to weigh their catch, but I can't be certain that is how this particular scale was used. I have not tested it for accuracy, so is being sold for display use or as a collectible. CONDITION: GOOD (Poor-->Fair-->Good-->Very Good-->Excellent-->Mint): As noted, I…

Vintage Cowbell, Orange Flower Power Painted Cow Bell, circa 1960s

Vintage Cowbell Orange Flower Power Painted Cow Bell circa

Amazing vintage cowbell, painted with an orange flower power design which likely dates it to the 1960s era. I really wish I knew the story behind this one, but in any case, it is just incredible. A lady bug sits atop a flower on one side, and a butterfly flits around the flowers on the other. A good sized clapper gives this cow bell a pretty loud ring. Lots of chippy paint just adds to the character of this charming piece. CONDITION: GOOD (Poor-->Fair-->Good-->Very Good-->Excellent-->Mint)…

Vintage Dresser Tray, Friedman Silver Co EPC Metal Tray, circa 1940s-1950s

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Vintage Dresser Tray, Friedman Silver Co EPC Metal Tray, circa 1940s-1950s

Vintage Hammered Aluminum Tray, Rectangular Metal Serving Tray, circa 1920s-1950s

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Vintage Hammered Aluminum Tray, Rectangular Metal Serving Tray, circa 1920s-1950s

Vintage Hammered Aluminum Tray, Federal Silver Co Large Round Hand Wrought Tray, circa 1920s-1930s

Vintage Hammered Aluminum Tray Federal Silver Co Large Round | Etsy

Nice vintage hammered aluminum tray made by Federal Silver Co of New York. The company specialized in silverplate and "hand wrought" aluminum gift ware like this. It operated between 1920-1960, and judging by the ruffly appearance of this tray, I believe it likely dates to the first half of that time period. The tray is quite large at over 17" handle to handle. It features an interesting half circle pattern hammered into the background while a floral design is embossed in the center. It's…

Antique Wrought Iron Scale, AS IS, Non Functional, For Garden or Home Decor

Antique Wrought Iron Scale AS IS Non Functional For Garden | Etsy

Extremely cool but non functional antique wrought iron scale with chippy white paint and two metal pans. This unique item came to me in various pieces, and I can't quite figure out how to make them go back together again. It is possible that something is broken or missing, so thus is being sold AS IS (see condition, below). In any case, it's a wonderful decorative item, and I can easily see it out in a garden holding some flower pots, or perhaps on display in your farmhouse kitchen…

Vintage Stanley Flask, Large Aluminum Canteen with Screw On Cap, Patented 1920s

Vintage Stanley Flask, Large Aluminum Canteen with Screw On Cap, Patented 1920s

Magnificent vintage Stanley flask or canteen, marked with a patent date of December 11, 1923. This large water bottle was made by Stanley Insulating Co. and holds an impressive 40 fluid ounces of liquid. The metal cap screws on and is secured to the neck by a chain. It's a very cool piece and would look great in a man cave or a room with industrial decor. CONDITION: GOOD (Poor-->Fair-->Good-->Very Good-->Excellent-->Mint): Some dings and dents, the largest of which is on the bottom…