The new best seller - Written in partnership by educators Edith Chaney and Susan Battye, is engaging and easy-to-use. This new resources supports schools to look at how they can enact the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi at a governance and leadership level, at a whole school level, and at a classroom level. It uses examples from New Zealand schools to demonstrate how this might be achieved.

Working with the Principles of Treaty of Waitangi in Schools. Written by educators Edith Chaney and Susan Battye, this top seller explores NZ's founding document.

With over 20 topics across both books, each starts with big inquiry question for example: Which people developed the first civilization? Why are the ancient Egyptians important? In what ways did the Romans leave their mark? What was the Renaissance? Why were there voyages of discovery? Suitable for able learners who like to work independently or in small groups.

These two photocopiable resource books provide information and engaging activity-based challenges that will enable students to develop an understanding of a range of key historical topics, movements and events. Each topic is presented as a question.

Secondary Science teacher Veronica Armstrong's Climate Change provides informative and easy-to-use materials. This superb two-book series is packed with facts, figures, experiments diagrams, photographs and engaging activities.

This two-book photocopiable resource series provides comprehensive information, activities and scientific investigations covering all major issues associated with climate change and global warming.

Marking the 100 year centenary of World War I, we bring you - New Zealand and World War I - Teaching and Learning about the Great War. Written by teacher Brenda Gurr, this resource uses a student inquiry approach to explore five major aspects of the New Zealand wartime experiences: outbreak of war, at war, the home front, after the war, remembering war.

Australia and World War I − Teaching and Learning about the Great War uses a student inquiry approach to explore five major aspects of the Australian wartime experience. These are: Outbreak of war At war The home front After the war

This comprehensive photocopiable resource is designed as an educational introduction to China, its people and its cultures. With business and social links between China and the West continually growing, this resource is the perfect way to introduc

John Brundall's top selling series presents students with an opportunity to explore ten separate topics on Antarctica with the help of twenty-eight skills-based activities. Activities range from map and diagram work to chart reading, written work, discussion, and presenting an argument.

Newly revised and updated, this top-selling two-book series provides a wealth of activities, information and ideas that relate to the ways in which people from the past and present have interacted with this harsh but beautiful continent. In the twenty-eig

Social Science, Symbols, Lifestyle, Exploring, Crafting, Culture, Comic Book, History, Social Studies

Introduce students to different sectors in the economy, the roles people play, planning and budgeting, money values, entrepreneurship, and managing money. From teacher John Brundall this photocopiable resource is packed with activities that are aimed at helping students to understand economics and financial literacy in a fun and user-friendly format.

Making Sense of Money - Teaching and Learning Financial Literacy - Social Science / Humanities

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