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Roll-a-Number: Tens & Ones Place Value Activity Students use dice to create a two digit number and write it as base ten blocks, in a place value chart, and in expanded form. Can be used in interactive math notebook or as a handout.

Classroom Freebies Too is more freebies for more teachers!

I have been teaching place value and missing addends all week! You can check out my missing addends freebie {reposted} and my latest place .

Deepen mathematical understanding with 'Think Boards'

Deepen mathematical understanding with 'Think Boards' (Multiple representations, students see it visually, mathematically, and verbally)

Help Children Learn About the Joyful Mysteries with Cut and Paste Fun Use this activity sheet in home or classroom catechesis to help children learn about the Joyful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary. A brief introduction to this group of mysteries is given along with each particular mystery's individual position on the Rosary. Five picture discs are included to help aid in memorization and explain each mystery. A half-sheet reference sheet on how to pray the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary ...

Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary Cut and Paste Activity - Religious Activities and Homeschool Printables for children.

Free printable patterns for ALL of these paper models of polyhedra. Wow!

Australian Curriculum Measurement & geometry - Shape - - Connect objects with their representations. Lots of paper models of Polyhedra

Make as a game - shake and write the number in standard and expanded form.

Here's an easy photo tutorial, plus some FREE labels for making a place value teaching tool out of a dollar store pill box. Great for reading and writing numbers in the millions and decimals!

Writing Worksheet Activity - Topic Sentences

write the topic sentence writing worksheet students are always having trouble finding journal ideas going