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If you're thinking, "another terra cotta pot project?" think again!

The Everyday Home shares an easy DIY project you can create in minutes. a Shell Covered Terra Cotta Pot. She shares the easy tutorial and…

Yard Art, Recycling

Yard Art, Recycling - Keeping junk out of the landfill. So I have finally run out of clay pots and have moved on to the next best thing. Coffee cans, soup cans…

Yarn Wrapped Eggs

Wrapping eggs with yarn is not a new or even original idea. But this year I decided to make some for our Spring decor anyway. I decided to use some twine and…

Marble racing

Marble Races with a cheap pool noodle (occupies the kids for hours.) Did this, but instead of cutting the pool noodle, the marble is small enough to fit inside the full noodle to roll down. Then can use the noodle for other things too!