Victoria McAllister

Victoria McAllister

Victoria McAllister
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succulents. Beautiful colors. I need to get some succulents!

Succulents are so beautiful! I've posted a picture of succulents before, but I just couldn't resist! Look at all these beautiful colors, and imagine owning these succulents! Succulents are Easy to take care of as house plants and Absolutely beautiful!

Add a splash of style to your place with this cute geometric glass terrarium. - We left one pentagonal face open for access. - Handmade with

in black finish – Large Geometric Glass Terrarium / Icosidodecahedron / Globe Terrarium / Handmade Glass Planter / Stained Glass Terrarium

ceramic  Quail Air Plant planter air plant  Terrarium by claylicious on Etsy

Soften your room with this elegant pearl white quail air plant planter pod Terrarium . I made this one of a kind pice to bring tranquility into your

beautiful unusual terrarium containers with plant white and green with a black swan out ideas

Beautiful Unusual Terrarium Containers With Plant White And Green With A Black Swan Out Ideas - Large Glass Containers For Terrariums, Glass Containers For Terrariums.

Lamium - "White Nancy" Lamium is an exceptional plant in our zone...comes back year after year.  Terrific ground cover. LmC...

Whew, this time of year is sheer madness, garden designs and installs, interior designs and installs, equals one tired gal! Thankfully the s.