Moist Feijoa Loaf. Yummy and I have a big bowl of Feijoas to use.

Moist Feijoa Loaf

Foodlovers recipe to make a moist feijoa loaf that you will love.


Feijoa Loaf

Veganise with non dairy substitutes and egg replacer or a flax or chia egg. Feijoa loaf - my favourite baking treat at the moment. Scrummy straight from the oven.

Pineapple Guava Chutney Gone are the days of homemade jams and jellies. I decided to try making my own chutney with some pineapple guavas that were growing in my yard.... similar to what my tutu used to make and the result was well worth the effort. I might try using mango as well next time.

Pineapple Guava Chutney - I decided to try making my own chutney with some pineapple guavas. and the result was well worth the effort.

Feijoa & Lemon Cordial collect the zest from 12 large feijoa (wash them well first), added the zest of half a lemon, placed everything in a pot with 500 ml of water and 100 g of sugar. Boiled the lot for 5 minutes (to dissolve the sugar), then covered with a lid and let it rest overnight. In the morning I strained the 'syrup' and bottled it.

Feijo and lemon zest cordial : collect & wash 12 large feijoa, zest. Add zest of lemon. Put in pot with water & sugar. Boil 5 mins to dissolve sugar then cover & rest overnight.

#1 Feijoa poppy seed muffins. Great recipe, looks exactly like picture and they taste great.

I have about five feijoa trees in my front driveway. In March, I harvest about a bag of feijoas every couple of days. You can freeze them and use them in this recipe later in the year.

A variety of feijoa recipes, including chargrilled with blue cheese, feijoa mousse, and feijoa amber (like a crust-less meringue pie)

New Zealand Feijoa Growers Association char grilled feijoas on blue chees

Mrs Sams feijoa jelly

Feijoa jelly

Because of the texture of the feijoa flesh, it is not recommended to make feijoa jam – you end up with a gritty mess. Feijoa jelly on the other hand comes out a beautiful amber colour and is …

Feijoa jelly - feijoa (a subtropical plant) is not native to New Zealand, (it originated in South America), but it’s a fruit tree that almost everybody in Australia/New Zealand has growing in their backyard.

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Tropical Brussels Sprout Salad with Mango & Feijoa

Tropical Brussels Sprout Salad

Tropical brussels sprout salad made with shredded brussels sprouts, mango & fiejoa.

TV feijoa wine week 12

Hmmm, what to do with all those excess feijoas. Recipe plus other feijoa recipes on web page

Feijoa salsa with prawns and roasted tomatoes

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