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Maori Art Worksheet

Great for Primary or KS3 Students. Could be used in a project, for a cover lesson, homework/extension task.

Huia Stamp Print

Historical Stamp PrintImage size in millimetres: 320 x 400, printed with a wide border This superb historical design comes from the first set of NZ scenic stamps, the famous 1898 NZ Pictorials. Reproduced to wall art size this makes a highly decorative black and white historical/retro NZ image featuring one of our most famous extinct birds, the Huia. You can buy more prints like the three pence Huia stamp in these galleries at New Zealand's specialist art print shop:Bird PrintsVintage…

Te Ara Reo wiki 7 [wāhanga o te rā/ parts of the day]

Our aim is to use these descriptions of the natural world in our everyday kōrero instead of using time measurements. Eg: I oho aku tamariki i te Ata hāpara (My kids woke up at dawn). Pō / Night Atapō / Before Dawn Ata Hāpara / Sunrise/Dawn/ Colours the sky/ Breath of Morning... Awatea / Daylight…

Matariki Star Matching Game

This Matariki Star game is great for your kids to play in groups or independently and helps with their ability to match things and improves their memory skills.

1820s iwi movements map

This map shows the major iwi movements of the 1820s caused by the inter-tribal conflicts known as the Musket Wars.

Taking Maori Arts to the World

Taking Maori Arts to the World in all aspect of Māori Tourism, Māori Carving, Māori Tattoo Māori Media, Māori Weaving and Māori Organisations

Waitangi Day Story Book

A story book for New Zealand years 2-4 (aged 6-9) that introduces and explains the Treaty of Waitangi and Waitangi Day in language young children can under

Prints & Graphics - Reuben Paterson - Australian Art Auction Records

Discover the value of your art. Our database has art auction market prices for Reuben Paterson, 1973-., New Zealand and other Australian and New Zealand artists covering the last 40 years sales.

Matariki Freebies

Freebies a banner for home, school or office. Your whānau or learners can make their own pukapuka, decorate it and read it over and over again.

Make a Manu Tukutuku (kite) — Kids Greening Taupo | Learning Through Nature

Manu means both bird and kite, tukutuku refers to winding out the line. Kites were flown to celebrate the start of the Māori New Year, when Matariki (the Pleiades) appeared in the mid-winter night sky. You can make your own manu tukutuku using natural resources from your backyard. You co

The Contemporary Maori Inspired Pattern Work of Mitch Manuel

Today, something a little different. I have decided to highlight some contemporary innovative expansion of the traditional Maori pattern work from New Zealand/Aotearoa. It is the work of Mitch Manuel and is based on both the Koru, the symbolic curl representing the fern, as well as the Kowhaiwhai. Some of you may remember I produced an article about Kowhaiwhai a while ago, the article can be found here. Mitch Manuel takes the Maori decorative traditions, deconstructs them, and then…

Sello: Mangopare (Nueva Zelanda) (Maori Paintings) Mi:NZ 1017,Sg:NZ 1451

Sello: Mangopare (Nueva Zelanda) (Maori Paintings) Mi:NZ 1017,Sg:NZ 1451. Colnect, connecting collectors. Sólo Colnect empareja automáticamente los coleccionables que buscas con los coleccionables que otros coleccionistas intercambian. El Club de coleccionistas de Colnect revoluciona tu experiencia como coleccionista!