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6 Surprising Tips to Make Brushing Your Cat or Dog Easier

6 Surprising Tips to Make Brushing Your Cat or Dog Easier

Whether your pet hates being brushed, has matted clumps of fur, never seems to be fully brushed, or always gets electric shock when you brush him, check out these surprising tips to make brushing a cat or dog easier.

Bananas Help Dog Diarrhea

When to Worry About Your Dog’s Diarrhea—Plus, How to Fix It

When Should I Worry About My Dog? If your dog has been experiencing diarrhea because he ate something he shouldn’t have or has only had one runny stool, he’s probably fine—but a call to your vet won’t hurt. If your dog is experiencing diarrhea with any other symptom like v

Tips and hacks for giving your dog a bath, plus answers to common questions like what kind of shampoo to use

9 Simple Dog-Washing Tips

How Often Should I Wash My Dog? You can wash your dog every week if you want to, however, most dogs only need to be bathed once a month, or every time they seem dirty. You can’t overbathe a dog, but if you’re washing your dog every week and he doesn’t have an oily coat, or you&rsq

Best Homemade Dog Shampoo: All Natural Oatmeal Dog Shampoo

Best Homemade Dog Shampoo: All Natural Oatmeal Dog Shampoo

Looking for the best homemade dog shampoo? Look no further. This 4 ingredient recipe is super simple, inexpensive, & all-natural!

15 Pet Hacks! (Post and Podcast) • Prevent Pet Sunburn • Get your dog to eat new dry food • Where to buy pet food for the best deal • What days to get your pet groomed • What to spray on your furniture to get your cat to stop scratching it • How to keep puppies from chewing on your stuff • How to clean pet toys • How to easily remove pet hair • How to get rid of fleas naturally • How to get a cat to take a pill (photo) • How to keep ants away from pet food • How to get rid of a pet's bad…

15 Tips and Tricks for Your Pets

Prevent Pet Sunburn Did you know that light-colored animals can get sunburn, too? Guard against this by dabbing a bit of SPF 15 sunscreen on your pet’s nose and the tips of his ears. Fido Being Finicky? If you’ve bought a new brand of food and your dog doesn’t want to eat it,

How to get cats to stop scratching furniture with cinnamon and cayenne peppper

How to Fix the Worst Cat Behavior Problems

Get a Cat to Stop Scratching Furniture Cats like to keep their claws sharp, and unfortunately for humans, they seem to think furniture is one of the best things to sharpen it on. To keep your kitties from digging their claws into furniture, walls, or anything else, swipe a bit of VapoRub on their f

What to do if you have a shy dog

The Dog Trainer

Quick and Dirty Tips : Helping you do things better.

How to get rid of fleas with lights - and more flea, tick, and ear mite natural solutions

How to Naturally Get Rid of Fleas, Ear Mites, and Ticks

How to Tell if Your Pet Has Fleas Your pet has been scratching himself, but you’re not entirely sure if she’s got fleas. Give her the white sock test. Slip a white sock over your hand and run it over her coat, as well as her bedding and on any carpet that she frequently lays on. If you

DIY cat house - just use an old t-shirt and a box

Momma's DIY T-Shirt Cat House~

Today I thought I would share a project that my Mother made. She is an animal lover to the bone, so when she found this idea online somewhere, she HAD to try it for herself. All you need is a t-shirt that you're not using, and a box that the t-shirt fits snuggly over. First you're going to cut off the top flaps of the cardboard box, and find a blanket or cushion to fit in the bottom of the box to make it cozy. Once you have the t-shirt pulled over, you are going to tuck the sleeves in…

Tips for getting to your dog to quit stealing food

How to Stop Your Dog from Stealing Food

Almost everybody who has lived with dogs has had that sinking feeling. You know the one: it comes when you’ve been out of the kitchen for a few minutes and suddenly realize that Dogalini is licking her chops. Also, the block of artisanal Cheddar you left on the counter is either inside her or

Feed your dog banana to help with diarrhea

Who Knew?

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Freeze your dog's toys in broth, and other pet hacks from Buzzfeed.

Make an ice lick by freezing toys, bones, and chicken broth into a cake mold.

Here are some tips and tricks to make the rewarding task of caring for your dog just a tiny bit easier.