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for clever monkeys

Few of these around the house, depending on cost. Lots of outlets needed inside and out-front patio and back deck -Christmas lights, etc New socket design with USB outlets: Great for iPhone and iPod chargers - should be standard in every new home

chicken sniffer

Funny pictures about True love knows no boundaries. Oh, and cool pics about True love knows no boundaries. Also, True love knows no boundaries.

Where do u think you're going?!

I wanna talk with you about God. ^^The original comment is what made me laugh so hard. silly little monkey.

that wall is that wall

Monkey of the Monkey Forest Temple, Ubud - Bali [Damn monkeys: they stole my glasses and to have them back they took a whole bunch of bananas]

my friends in winter

Did you know that a large group of baboons is called a Congress? - Definitely explains a lot!