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Wayde Pirovano
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For the discreet person trying to sneak their liquor into the Ole Miss games...

For the discreet person trying to sneak their liquor into the Ole Miss games.

Let's face it, paying for overpriced drinks, well that's not so cool. Sneak your favorite liquors or boozy drinks into the pool and avoid paying ridiculous prices with our secret sunscreen flask set! At less than $12 per set these flasks, will pay for themselves after just two drinks! These easy-to-transport funny flasks are made to look like sunscreen bottles, allowing you to carry drinks to beaches, concerts, or sporting events, without others knowing. ...

I gotta get these for the next Jimmy Buffett concert! Secret Boozy Sunscreen Flasks marked with "SPF and "SPF so you can carry two types of alcohol without confusion.

Camo Caps are the best way to sneak alcohol into venues such as amusement parks, concerts, sporting events, cruises or anywhere else that doesn't allow you to bring liquor or any other beverages in other than "factory sealed water bottles". Designed to fit on top of water bottles to make them look like they are factory sealed. Hint: Aquafina works best. Available from YouCanHideIt.com for only $3.95.

We bring you an innovative and foolproof way to sneak your favorite drink in sealed water bottles. We can help you to sneak alcohol on a cruise or into a oncert.

Make an Aluminum Can Lamp For Light And Heating Water - Very handy  #shtf #prepping #survival

Make an Aluminum Can Lamp – looks like fun, too bad the author is all doom and gloom. I’m thinking it would make a great outdoor lantern if made from a metal coffee can and added a wire handle. Could use a candle instead of oil, and leave the sides of the