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Matt Smiler Kura, Maori Art Design Aotearoa New Zealand Carving Totara Male Mask White Moko

Tell An Aboriginal Story Activity Part 1

Students use these symbols to create their own story. You could add other Indigenous symbols/meanings to increase the variety.

the Art Curator for Kids - Art Around the World - New Zealand - Maori Carving, Whakairo, Haka

Masterpiece Monday & Art Around the World - Day #10 - Maori of New Zealand

Art History for Kids! Information, art project ideas, and discussion questions about the Maori meetinghouses (wharenui), haka (dance), and whakairo (carvings) (New Zealand)

Kids can have a go at making these stunning pretend bone carving necklaces traditionally worn by Maoris in New Zealand and very popular today around the world. We have three designs to make.