Paper craft, stop motion, pixilation, yogurt, strawberry, hand made, hand crafted

An animated rural scene hand crafted from paper unfolds to reveal a spoon dipping into a tub of delicious strawberry yogurt. Completely shot in camera using stop…

Worn Out - Director Ryan Kothe

Worn Out by Wield Studio /// Ryan Kothe. A short film/study on disintegration with every day objects.

Billy Brown's Coupe - Director Ryan Kothe

Billy Brown takes an easy ride through his town.

Sun-rype "Kite" - Director Alan Dickson

Detailed stopmotion animation, using real fruit, of healthy people doing healthy things.

Vodafone HBM "Best Mates" - Director Ryan Kothe

Yukfoo has raided the wardrobe for this campaign for Vodafone BestMates.

Paper Plus "Back to School" - Director Ryan Kothe

Making paper planes and getting paid for it. A world constructed entirely out of paper, that's set in space, features a flying cow…

Positively Wellington Tourism Director: Bernie Roux

Stop motion cinema commercial for Positively Wellington Tourism. Hand crafted from sewn fabrics and all shot in camera this commercial features regional landscapes…