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A Handy Guide to Image Print Resolutions

March 12 2014 A Handy Guide to Image Print resolutions. Basically , I didn't really know about image resolution when printing myself but with some research and guidance I learned how to use it to my advantage.

Free macro photography cheat sheet | Digital Camera World

Our action photography cheat sheet offers essential tips for shooting some of the most common moving subjects, as well as advise on the best camera settings for action photography.

Photography Cheat Sheets

Photography Basics: the No. 1 cheat sheet for metering and exposure Digital Camera World - shows various histograms and explains them

Free family portrait photography cheat sheet | Digital Camera World

Shooting indoors with natural light. Shooting indoors in low light. Shooting outdoors with natural light. Shooting outdoors with flash.

Winter landscape photography cheat sheet: how to compose and expose any scene

Learn how to fine tune your winter landscape photography no matter where you are with these tips from our new photography cheat sheet.